Skeleton Lingerie

At my last post, I have written about skull bras..

So I have already started the human anatomy..Why don’t we continue with some interesting  skeleton lingerie?!



You may think that they are all the same, but this skeleton hand bras come in different forms of straps. According to your taste in bras, or according to your breast shape and size, you can find a suitable one.

Let’s see more of it.


Besides the straps,the beautiful beads details on the belly make this design very different than others. It looks so original and creative. I think these bead-details gave a character to this design.


This bra that worn with a transparent/see-through shirt is my favorite style between all.. This shirt makes this bra more wearable and stylish for me.. I especially loved the collar and the necklace part of it.

I don’t know why I am so into bowties but I think bowties especially the ones made of a good fabric, makes everything more beautiful and more appealing. And I love the bowtie on this design. I like the bra too..It is push-up bra, isn’t it?

Here is a corset form of skeleton lingerie by Midnight Mistress;


Crystal details and the chains on this corset gave a different structure to this design. And if you look close, you can see the lace details under the skeleton hands.. I love the mixture of all those different styles.

Lace, skeleton, crystals, chains, animal print and metal accessories.. Love them all!!

Here is the last one..

Well, we all know the woman on the left picture, don’t we??

Greetings to Lady Gaga !!! Because of her crazy and unique style,she will be our guest on this blog frequently.

Lady Gaga auctioned off her equivalent of the bra—a skeleton-shaped corset from her Monster Ball tour to benefit Oxfam International’s efforts to rebuild Haiti after the earthquake (2010). She sold the diamond-encrusted skeleton piece on the website, where it reportedly fetched an undisclosed amount over $5,000. Behalf of the Haiti people, I would like to thank to Lady Gaga for her generous help.

By the way, do you notice the bra she is wearing on the picture? It is the Disco Ball Bra that I have written about before..



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